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Natural Fibromyalgia Treatments

When treating fibromyalgia, most experts agree that the best approach is a balanced one. This means following your doctor’s advice when it comes to prescription medication, but it also means finding natural remedies that can supplement the medicine without interfering with your treatment plan. Unfortunately, research on natural fibromyalgia remedies is limited. This leaves many sufferers groping around in the dark, unable to find solid information about promising treatments. If you’ve grown frustrated with the search for natural remedies, here are some of the supplements that have worked for many.


When most people think of melatonin, they picture tanned skin and sunny days on the beach. But melatonin is about more than just the pigment in your skin. Used as a supplement, it can improve sleep and reduce fibromyalgia pain. Because melatonin levels are often low in fibro sufferers, the use of a good supplement can return your hormones to a healthy balance. Avoid taking melatonin if you are undergoing steroid treatments or are taking MAO inhibitors.


People have taken 5-HTP supplements for years to help with mood disorders. As one of the primary precursors to serotonin, 5-HTP is an essential ingredient for a healthy, happy brain. Anecdotal and clinical research has shown a link between 5-HTP and the reduction of fibro symptoms.

St. John’s Wort

The jury is still out on whether St. John’s wort provides any direct relief for fibromyalgia symptoms, but there is plenty of evidence that supports using the supplement for indirect reasons. Many fibro sufferers also battle with inconsistent sleep and depression, both of which can be aided by the popular extract.


One of the most well-researched natural treatments is SAMe, a chemical derived from amino acids produced by the body. SAMe has been the subject of several clinical studies, most of which showed that it provides benefits for fibromyalgia patients. The supplement is already widely used to treat depression. Like St. John’s wort, this aspect of SAMe’s properties may help fibro sufferers just as much as any direct pain reduction.

Supplements to Avoid

Adding to the frustration a fibromyalgia sufferer may experience when searching for remedies, some supplements should be avoided altogether. These supplements have not been proven to reduce fibro symptoms. More insidiously, their use is often linked to health problems. Here are some of the supplements you should avoid:

Aconite – For a long time, aconite was recommended for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Because fibro sufferers experience many of the same symptoms, it is only natural that people would recommend it for that as well. Unfortunately, aconite is an intense toxin that can induce heart failure and central nervous system paralysis. Some homeopathic healers still use a minute amount of the herb in their supplements, but this is a situation where the risks outweigh the benefits.

Colloidal Silver – Colloidal silver is one of those products that has been used to treat everything from AIDS to hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, there is no substantiated evidence that it can do anything for these ailments, and there is certainly no evidence that it can be used to successfully treat fibromyalgia. There is, however, abundant evidence that colloidal silver usage can cause argyria, a condition which turns the user’s skin a peculiar blue-gray color.

Kombucha Tea – Kombucha tea proponents claim the ancient remedy can benefit fibromyalgia sufferers by improving energy, boosting circulation, and stabilizing bowel movements. While the jury is still out on the tea’s ability to carry out these benefits, there are some very good reasons to avoid kombucha supplements. Easily contaminated, a bad batch of tea can cause yeast infections, promote bacterial growth, and contribute to stomach ailments.

Treating Fibromyalgia: An Ongoing Journey

Perhaps more so than most conditions, fibromyalgia requires diligence on the part of the sufferer. Doctors, scientists, and fibro victims are finding new remedies on a daily basis. Some of these remedies may work for everyone while some may turn out to be nothing but a passing trend. By reading, experimenting, and talking to your doctor, you can find the natural treatments that work best for you.