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Fibro Pain Management

Fibromyalgia relief is not fictional and ultimately comes down to natural and holistic measures of getting the pain under control. Fibromyalgia pain relief starts with identifying the underlying causes of the pain flare ups and working out the best ways to handle the situation. The secret to fibromyalgia pain management is getting overall health in order.


Fibromyalgia relief starts with getting a good amount of sleep each night. The body needs the rest to recover and gather energy. It also helps with the pain because the muscle pain is often worsened after a bad night of sleep.


As a general rule, get eight hours of sleep per night. Those times when it is hard to fall asleep might require natural sleep aids like chamomile tea that help encourage the body to relax so that sleep is possible. Sleeping properly is the first step of healing and the body needs a full eight hours to completely manage the reduced energy of a day’s efforts.


Fibromyalgia pain relief also requires a healthy diet that focuses on getting enough nutrition. Anti-inflammatory foods are also useful when fighting the pain because it reduces any inflammation that is making the aches feel worse.

A healthy diet focuses on eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources. Pay attention to the colors of fruits and vegetables and try eating at least one item of every color each day. That will help ensure the body is getting enough nutrition.


Fibromyalgia makes it hard to exercise, but it is an important part of fighting the pain. Try getting at least half an hour per day of exercise. Walking is an excellent choice that will make pain management a little easier to handle.


Vitamin deficiencies are a common part of the pain in fibromyalgia. Getting tested and then working on ensuring the body is getting enough vitamins by adding supplements or more foods that are high in the missing vitamin will help.

Let’s face it, ending Fibromyalgia pain in say five days is a long shot at best, but getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, identifying vitamins that are missing and taking measures to control the health of the body will be a step in the right direction. Fibromyalgia can be controllable with the right type of diet, exercise and sleeping plan.